Includes Reading Lights!

The Dakota Bedroom Collection will deliver the essence of rustic, cabin living. Each piece features some sort of plank styling in a deep and vibrant natural wood stain. Not to mention the iron accents and clean, straight case lines, which add industrial and contemporary touches, respectively.

Adjustable Beds Make You Healthier!

Alleviates back pain and releases pressure on the sciatic nerve. Sleeping on your back is best for spinal alignment, breathing, pressure points and blood flow. Alleviate sleep apnea, asthma, snoring, acid reflux and heartburn! Helps swollen feet and legs! Sleeping with the legs elevated helps prevent fluid buildup and reduces pain. Helps arthritis by providing better support and decrease irritation from joint compression. Improve digestion! Lying flat has been shown to have a hindrance on the body’s ability to process food. VIEW MATTRESSES

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